1 Feb 2018

iphone x & iphone 8 plus cracked lcd screen replacement in hamilton

iphone x & iphone 8 plus cracked lcd screen replacement in hamilton Professional iphone x & iphone 8 plus cracked lcd screen replacement in hamilton at applefix. Both of these iphone x and iphone 8 plud lcd broken
27 Jan 2018

5 reasons why macbook air is still a great buy

10 years back macbook air was first introduced to the world and brought boom in a market. From that day onwards, apple never looked back and continued its successful streak of mac’s. Macbook pro series is considered
19 Jan 2018

All you need to know about Ipad AIR 2

Ipad air 2 till the date remains favourite of every user or lover of apple due to features it provides in so less amount. It runs on ios 11 and in demand by customers although, apple wanted
12 Jan 2018

Macbook vs windows : which one to buy?

Macbook and windows is always been a talk of town, mac’s and pc’s has been locked in an battle for past several years. We have seen rare cases where mac users switched to windows or vice versa.
5 Jan 2018

How ipad is different from iphone

People often get confused and ask questions like why apple is still manufacturing ipad when iphone is already doing great in a market. I have seen people who believe ipad is just a bigger version of iphone.
27 Dec 2017

5 macbook hacks you probably never heard of

Macbook is one of the most versatile and powerful technologies which is dominating the tech-market from the past few years in progression. Probably, you must be owning a macbook from the last 5 years or so, but,
19 Dec 2017

apple watch cracked screen repair

apple watch cracked screen repair hamilton Cracked the glass on your apple watch? apple watch cracked screen repair in hamilton New zealand. Don’t worry! get it fixed professionally at applefix hamilton. If you into DIY electronics repair.
15 Dec 2017

Iphone x : tips and tricks

The biggest smartphone of the year iphone x is finally here, but not in a form we all expected. Apple, ditched home button and touch id with its latest device. still, the phone is quite desirable for
8 Dec 2017

most common ios 10 problems and their fix

Apple keep their users busy with new update after every short interval in order to smash the bugs and lags of smart device. Although, the latest update ios 11 seems less impressive even after bringing new changes
1 Dec 2017

How to fix iphone’s black screen of death

Iphone users are probably familiar with the common issue of iphone’s black screen of death. This problem can make your usage quite difficult as you can’t access the phone in any way possible. You can able to