5 Oct 2018

Four Solid Reasons It’s Better To Leave iPhone Screen Repairs To Experts

Shattered screen on your newly purchased iPhone device is getting you down?  An iPhone is a major purchase, but like any smartphone, iPhone’s screen is quite delicate and subject to damage in case dropped on the hard
1 Oct 2018


MacBook users, let’s accept it, we can’t function well without our laptop. But maintaining them is a hassle and more often than not we tend to be a little careless every now and then. Before you know
24 Sep 2018

Need iPod Classic Repair in Hamilton? You Are Welcome To Apple Fix

So, you are a music lover! That’s cool and sound quite rhythmic. It’s hard to imagine your plight if your favorite gadget, say your iPod that you recently purchased with your saved pocket money, start behaving erratically.
20 Sep 2018

Get Through These Signs Of Your Macbook Before It’s Too Late!

Whatever you perceive in your life, the one device that you can’t imagine living without is your MacBook, right? The device is the life for you! Be it a bank manager, a college student or anyone; the
8 Sep 2018

The Importance of Good Quality and Quick Repairs For Your iPhone

“Thank You for coming. We are gonna make some history together today.” On January 9, 2007, Steve Jobs started the event of iPhone launch by this line. “So, we are gonna reinvent the phone” – he added
7 Sep 2018

How To Extend The Battery Life Of Your iPod Touch

In the middle of your favorite movie, your iPod suddenly start showing the battery is in critical condition, worst feeling ever! Right? We all are careless when it comes to properly conduct our devices, and that leads
21 Aug 2018

Are You Noticing These Macbook Damage Signs

We all the almost virtual world dweller and what keeps us in the track is our MacBooks. Everyone can relate to the fact that once we buy the device, we hardly look after its maintenance. As a
17 Aug 2018

Know Your iPad: Huge Repairing Costs, Common Problems and Their Fixes

Apple has a net worth of a whopping $945 million and thus, is on the verge of becoming the first American Company to touch the $1 trillion mark. In 2007, when the first iPhone was launch, Apple’s
13 Aug 2018

macbook air water damage repair and back light ic repair

MacBook air water damage repair and back light ic repair in Hamilton new Zealand This was difficult repair we have done last week at Applefix Hamilton on macbook air water damage repair and back light ic repair
8 Aug 2018

Unmissable Signs That Your Macbook Battery Needs Replacement

Whenever anyone shops for a laptop, notebook, good battery life is an important aspect, they gauge upon. A battery is a major component of a laptop. Batteries provide the ease to work in places without any power