macbook backlight ic repair

macbook backlight ic repair in hamilton new zealand

If you dont see display on your macbook most probably you need macbook backligh ic repair get it fixed at applefix hamilton at 125 ward street hamilton new zealand. Watch macbook backlight ic repair full video click below

So this macbook air a1466 starts up normally you can hear the startup chime but no display. We took the board out and didnt see any water damage sign on board or any where around the macbook. We tested macbook backlight fuse which is F7700 but it was working.

When we looked at the backlight ic U3210 we find moisture damage and it was all burnt. You can see this in the above video. Along with backlight ic U3210 the capacitors around the ic C7714 and C7710 were also burnt and it burnt out the pads on pcb board.

macbook air a1466 backlight ic repair in hamilton new zealand

backlight ic was replaced and we also replaced faulty capacitors take out from donor board. Tested the macbook and it turns on fine. If you have macbook with same problem bring it to applefix. if you dont live in hamilton read the instructions here to send your macbook. For free quote call 078394188 or send us a query or visit us

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